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Worldwide Guide to Equivalent Irons and Steels, 5th Edition

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This volume covers standard designations from worldwide standards for cast irons and steels, wrought carbon and alloy steels, stainless steels, high strength steels, and tool steels. Entries are provided for more than 30,000 alloy designations. Well over 5000 entries have been updated, and more than 3000 are brand new additions. In particular, the Fifth Edition features expanded coverage for specifications and designations from Japan, China, India, and South Korea. Listings include specification or standard number and title, steel designation or grade, chemical composition, product form and condition, tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and hardness values. The volume includes a comprehensive alloy index and index of standards (by designation). The updated Fifth Edition incorporates the many changes in the specifications and designations of irons and steels that have occurred over the past several years. It also covers more countries, more alloys, and more standards than previous editions, while keeping obsolete designations for those persons trying to duplicate equipment from old documents.


Section 1: Carbon steel
Chapter 1: High-carbon steel
Chapter 2: Low-carbon steel and HSLA steel
Chapter 3: Medium-carbon steel
Chapter 4: Miscellaneous or unclassified carbon steel

Section 2: Alloy steel
Chapter 5: Chromium molybdenum steel
Chapter 6: Chromium steel
Chapter 7: Chromium vanadium steel
Chapter 8: Manganese steel
Chapter 9: Miscellaneous or unclassified low-alloy steel
Chapter 10: Molybdenum/molybdenum sulfide steel
Chapter 11: Nickel chromium molybdenum steel
Chapter 12: Nickel chromium steel
Chapter 13: Nickel molybdenum steel
Chapter 14: Silicon steel

Section 3: High-alloy steel (corrosion and heat resistant, stainless, and nickel steels)
Chapter 15: Austenitic stainless steel
Chapter 16: Duplex stainless steel
Chapter 17: Ferritic stainless steel
Chapter 18: Martensitic stainless steel
Chapter 19: Miscellaneous or unclassified high-alloy steel
Chapter 20: Nickel steel and nickel low-alloy steel
Chapter 21: Precipitation-hardening stainless steel

Section 4: Tool steel
Chapter 22: Cold-work tool steel
Chapter 23: High-speed tool steel
Chapter 24: Hot-work tool steel
Chapter 25: Miscellaneous or unclassified tool steel
Chapter 26: Mold steel and special-purpose tool steel

Section 5: Cast iron and iron alloys
Chapter 27: Cast iron
Chapter 28: Iron alloys

Standards organizations
Chemical elements and abbreviations
Designation index
Specification index
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