Phase Diagrams: Understanding The Basics

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This well-written text is for non-metallurgists and anyone seeking a quick refresher on an essential tool of modern metallurgy. The basic principles, construction, interpretation, and use of alloy phase diagrams are clearly described with ample illustrations for all important liquid and solid reactions. Gas-metal reactions, important in metals processing and in-service corrosion, also are discussed. Get the basics on how phase diagrams help predict and interpret the changes in the structure of alloys.


Chapter 1: Introduction to Phase Diagrams
Chapter 2: Solid Solutions and Phase Transformations
Chapter 3: Thermodynamics and Phase Diagrams
Chapter 4: Isomorphous Alloy Systems
Chapter 5: Eutectic Alloy Systems
Chapter 6: Peritectic Alloy Systems
Chapter 7: Monotectic Alloy Systems
Chapter 8: Solid-State Transformations
Chapter 9: Intermediate Phases
Chapter 10: Ternary Phase Diagrams
Chapter 11: Gas-Metal Systems
Chapter 12: Phase Diagram Determination
Chapter 13: Computer Simulation of Phase Diagrams
Chapter 14: Phase Diagram Applications
Chapter 15: Nonequilibrium Reactions - Martensitic and Bainitic Structures
Chapter 16: Nonequilibrium Reactions - Precipitation Hardening
Appendix A: Review of Metallic Structure
Appendix B: Fundamentals of Solidification
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