Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook, 8th Edition

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Presented in easy-to-use, step-by-step order, Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook is a quick reference for day-to-day pipeline operations. For more than 35 years, the Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook has served as the "go-to" reference for solving even the most day-to-day vexing pipeline workflow problems. Now in its 8th edition, this handbook continues to set the standard by which all other piping books are judged. Along with over 30% new or updated material regarding codes, construction processes, and equipment, this book continues to offer hundreds of "how-to" methods and handy formulas for pipeline construction, design, and engineering and features a multitude of calculations to assist in problem solving, directly applying the rules and equations for specific design and operating conditions to illustrate correct application, all in one convenient reference.

For the first time in this new edition, we are taking the content and data off the page and adding a new dimension of practical value for you with online interactive features to accompany some of the handiest and most useful material from the book:

Interactive tables that takes data from the book and turns them into a sortable spreadsheet format that gives you the ability to perform your own basic filtering functions, show/hide columns of just the data that is important to you, and download the table into an Excel spreadsheet for additional use

A graph digitizer which pulls a graph from the book and gives you the power to plot your own lines on the existing graph, see all the relative x/y coordinates of the graph, and name and color code your lines for clarity

A converter calculator performing basic conversions from the book such as metric conversions, time, temperature, length, power and more.


Chapter 1 : General Information
Chapter 2 : Construction
Chapter 3 : Pipe Design
Chapter 4 : Electrical Design
Chapter 5 : Hydrostatic Testing
Chapter 6 : Pipeline Drying
Chapter 7 : Control Valves
Chapter 8 : Corrosion/Coatings
Chapter 9 : Gas-General
Chapter 10 : Gas-Compression
Chapter 11 : Gas-Hydraulics
Chapter 12 : Liquids-General
Chapter 13 : Liquids-Hydraulics
Chapter 14 : Pumps
Chapter 15 : Measurement
Chapter 16 : Instrumentation
Chapter 17 : Leak Detection
Chapter 18 : Tanks
Chapter 19 : Maintenance
Chapter 20 : Economics
Chapter 21 : Rehabilitation-Risk Evaluation
Chapter 22 : Conversion Factors


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