Industrial Water Quality

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The classic guide to controlling industrial water pollution–updated with the latest regulations and new technologies

Turn to the Fourth Edition of Industrial Water Quality for guidance on state-of-the-art methods for optimizing or upgrading existing wastewater treatment systems, as well as selecting the best treatment options to solve specific wastewater problems. This hands-on tool reflects today’s more stringent water-quality regulations and the new technologies developed to meet them. Filled with examples and case studies from a variety of industries, the book covers reverse osmosis or alternative membrane processes and discusses Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) processes.


Chapter 1: Source and Characteristics of Industrial Wastewaters
Chapter 2: Wastewater Treatment Processes
Chapter 3: Pre- and Primary Treatment
Chapter 4: Coagulation, Precipitation and Metals Removal
Chapter 5: Aeration and Mass Transfer
Chapter 6: Principles of Aerobic Biological Oxidation
Chapter 7: Biological Wastewater Treatment Processes
Chapter 8: Adsorption
Chapter 9: Ion Exchange
Chapter 10: Chemical Oxidation
Chapter 11: Sludge Handling and Disposal
Chapter 12: Miscellaneous Treatment Processes
Chapter 13: Pollution Sources and Control of Residuals from Exploration and Production of Oil and Natural Gas
Chapter 14: Chlorinated Compounds, VOCs, and Odor Control
Chapter 15: Waste Minimization and Water Reuse
Chapter 16: Allocation of Superfund Disposal Site Response Costs
Chapter 17: Industrial Pretreatment
Chapter 18: Environmental Economics


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