Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations 2nd Ed.

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Take Advantage of the Latest Calculation Methods for Solving Problems in Every
Major Area of Environmental Engineering

The only hands-on reference of its kind, the Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations equips you with step-by-step calculation procedures covering virtually every aspect of environmental engineering. Designed to give you quick access to essential information, the updated Second Edition of this unique guide now presents the latest methods for solving a wide range of specific problems, together with worked-out examples that include numerical results for the calculations.

Written by a team of environmental experts from both the private and public sectors, this easy-to-use reference provides you with complete calculations for water quality assessment and control…solid waste materials … and air pollution control. Filled with 200 helpful illustrations, the Second Edition features:

  • Hundreds of detailed examples and calculations with fully illustrated steps
  • Calculations covering every aspect of environmental engineering
  • Both SI and U.S. customary units presented throughout
  • New to this edition: new sections on fuel cells and air toxic risk assessment

    Inside This State-of-the-Art Environmental Engineering Toolkit

    • Calculations of Water Quality Assessment and Control
    • Solid Waste Calculations
    • Air Pollution Control Calculations
    • Air Toxic Risk Assessment
    • Fuel Cell Technologies


Part 1: Calculations of Water Quality Assessment and Control
Chapter 1.1: Basic Science and Fundamentals
Chapter 1.2: Streams and Rivers
Chapter 1.3: Lakes and Reservoirs
Chapter 1.4: Groundwater
Chapter 1.5: Fundamental and Treatment Plant Hydraulics
Chapter 1.6: Public Water Supply
Chapter 1.7: Wastewater Engineering
Appendix A: Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's Macroinvertebrate Tolerance List
Appendix B: Well Function for Confined Aquifers
Appendix C: Solubility Product Constants for Solution at or near Room Temperature
Appendix D: Freundlich Adsorption Isotherm Constants for Toxic Organic Compounds
Part 2: Solid Waste Calculations
Chapter 2.1: Thermodynamics Used in Environmental Engineering
Chapter 2.2: Basic Combustion and Incineration
Chapter 2.3: Practical Design of Waste Incineration
Chapter 2.4: Calculations for Permitting and Compliance
Chapter 2.5: Calculational Procedures for Ash Stabilization and Solidification
Chapter 2.6: Incineration Technologies and Facility Requirements
Part 3: Air Pollution Control Calculations
Chapter 3.1: Air Emission Control
Chapter 3.2: Particulate Emission Control
Chapter 3.3: Wet and Dry Scrubbers for Emission ControlPart 4
Chapter 4.1: Air Toxic Risk AssessmentPart 5
Chapter 5.1: Fundamentals of Fuel Cell Technologies

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